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Long Story Short

We’re Scrandie and we create high-performing makeup products at fair prices

Scrandie is for those who want premium makeup products without the premium prices. We cut out as many unnecessary costs as possible in order to bring you top-notch cosmetics without all the extra, unneeded things, passing the savings on to you. We like to think of our makeup as having a little package, with a big impact and since we mindfully measure all our makeup products, you’ll use up your makeup in a decent amount of time (before it goes bad) so you can feel good about using fresh makeup every time and not throwing away almost brand new product. Additionally, we are vegan and cruelty-free since we know that we don’t need to use animal-derived ingredients to make amazing formulas and we don’t need to test on animals to know that the ingredients we use are safe. If all this sounds good to you, then keep browsing. Oh, and check out some looks we love!