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Female, Beautiful, Natural, Dewy Makeup Spicy Sauce Extreme Lip Plumper Order Now The most affordable & effective lip plumper on the internet. Get visible results in 3 minutes. Female, Beautiful, Natural, Dewy Makeup Dewy Multi-Use
Order Now Instantly get that "glow from within" look with our NEW multi-use highlighter, Grace Period :D
Female, Beautiful, Natural, Dewy Makeup High-Quality, Affordable. Shop Products We work hard to get you the
best makeup at lower prices.
Style with value—that’s Scrandie.
Female, Beautiful, Natural, Dewy Makeup, Cheek Tint What people are saying
about lip sauce:
“They are so silky smooth with no stickiness at all!” - Courtney H. from Michigan

“Better than Kosas lip oil and Fenty lip gloss.” - Amy G. from Los Angeles

“My chronically chapped lips are happily hydrated throughout the day!” - Deborah G. from Whittier, CA
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Our VIRAL vegan lip plumper is back…SPICY SAUCE

Save a syringe 💉

Use spicy sauce 🔥

Spicy sauce is an extreme lip plumper with mechanisms that create a surge in circulation, which plump deflated or wrinkled-looking lips for a juicy, full appearance.

👄 EFFECTIVE – get visibly plump lips in 3 minutes

💆🏻 COMFORTABLE – your lips won’t be in pain

🐝  VEGAN & CRUELTY-FREE – no bee venom here


You’re getting warmer…

If you don’t want lip injections and don’t want to pay for expen$ive serums, spicy sauce is the plumper for you!⁠

Our before and afters are raw and unedited.

We specialize in makeup, not Photoshop 👍🏽

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It’s not a gloss, it’s not a lip oil…

It’s lip sauce.

Our glass-like, extra shiny lip sauce is a blend of deeply nourishing lip oil and a cushiony gloss formula that’s packed with shine and hydration.

🙅🏽  Never sticky

💁🏿‍♂️  Always silky

💧 Ultra-hydrating


Are you ready to sauce?

Each sauce has an oversized doe-foot wand to make it easy for you to get an even application in a single swoop.

Now available in TWELVE shades!

The beautiful models here are wearing sauces in shades (left to right) 1. Assets, 2. Bottom Line, 3. Pocket Money, 4. Bonus, 5. No Limit 💋

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lip sauce

Minority Founded

lip sauce

Made in Magical California

lip sauce

High Quality

lip sauce


lip sauce

Low Waste

lip sauce

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

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