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  • "13 Winter 2024 Makeup Trends That Will Spice Up Your Looks"

    by Olivia Rose Ferreiro, Bustle Magazine Beauty Editor

    "2016-Era Glam Obsession

    Yasmine Dabgotra, the founder of TikTok-viral indie brand Scrandie Beauty, chimes in to say: Notably, prominent YouTubers who rose to fame in 2016 through cut crease tutorials and a preference for a full face are undergoing a beauty evolution. They're bidding farewell to the clean girl aesthetic and opting to revisit their roots — for more than just a 2016 throwback moment.”


    by Kirbie Johnson and Sara Tan

    Kirbie shares her new favorite lip combo featuring a tried and true lip liner and Scrandie Beauty's Spicy Sauce Extreme Lip Plumper and she's "OBSSESSED..."

    Episode 271 minute 14:00

  • "The Rise of Brand Scrandie Beauty"

    by Wellness Magazine

    "Scrandie Beauty focuses on makeup that is simple and effective. The brand only develops and markets enhanced versions of existing products or completely new products that have never been done before. The beauty market is oversaturated with products that have been on the market for decades. In order to create a “full” range, most brands expand on products that have been available for a long time. Scrandie’s sole goal is to create new makeup items that people didn’t realize they needed in order to introduce something new to the beauty business. To decrease waste, keep costs down, and pass the savings on to their clients, they avoid bulky, costly outer packaging and reuse diverse components during manufacture."

  • LIVE Show Featuring Scrandie Beauty

    by Cindy Matalucci, The PulseSD

    "We’re Scrandie and we create high-performing makeup products at fair prices.

    Scrandie is for those who want premium makeup products without the premium prices. We cut out as many unnecessary costs as possible in order to bring you top-notch cosmetics without all the extra, unneeded things, passing the savings on to you."